GPS Tracking: How does it work?

Bruce Buchanan | December 11, 2019 | 0 | Business , Dashcam and GPS tracking

A GPS tracking other activity to which it is connected and to record the position of the object of interest to you at regular intervals.

The recorded position data can be stored inside the monitoring unit, or can be transmitted to a central location data base, or to a computer connected to the Internet, using a mobile phone (GPRS or SMS), the radio, or a satellite modem integrated in the unit. This way you always know the position of the asset to be displayed on a map or in real time or when analyzing the next track, using GPS tracking. Data monitoring software is available for smartphones with GPS functionality.

A GPS contains a GPS module to receive the signal and calculate the coordinates. For data recorders it contains a large memory to store the coordinates; . The diagram illustrates a hardware architecture of an advanced GPS tracker.

although most smartphones, being GPS Phones, can work in all these ways, depending on which mobile applications are installed:

GPS Logger System
A GPS logger simply records the location of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Modern GPS loggers have a memory card slot or internal flash memory and a USB port. Some act like a USB flash drive. This allows the download of log data for further analysis on a computer. The tracklist or point of interest on the list can be in GPX, KML, NMEA or another format.

Most digital cameras save everything in a short time, the time to take a picture. As long as the camera clock has been reasonably arranged accurately, this time it can be correlated with GPS log data to provide a precise location.

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