Car locators, the 10 most interesting models on Amazon

Bruce Buchanan | December 11, 2019 | 0 | Business , Dashcam and GPS tracking

Have you just bought the new car and want to keep it under control? Do you always have trouble finding parking, leaving your vehicle away from your home, without ever remembering where you parked it? Frequently asked questions for many people: we try to answer with a list of car locators . These are the most interesting models for sale on Amazon.

Car locators, TKR1

Brand: Point 1

Up to expectations. Excellent quality / price ratio, very small size, light as a feather. Tested in all its functions, the device proved to be reliable.

HIGHLIGHTS: works perfectly, tried in your pocket or attached to the drone and even in the car

Car locators, free app

Brand: Lekemi

The user can track his car or vehicle live via smartphone, live tracking (live) and memorization of the routes taken. The movements can be viewed and the routes of the previous 3 months displayed.

HIGHLIGHTS: a little slow to recharge, but otherwise it works great. More or less precise GPS (the gap is 5-10m)


Brand: Tkstar

The battery lasts 25/30 GG. and the device warns when the charge is low. Accuracy is very acceptable, very rarely it can lose the GPS signal and in that case it uses the GPRS connection to track the position.

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